Bargining Updates


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Bargaining Units

Quaker Heights: We had the tentative agreement meeting in June. Most members were very pleased with the agreement. Ballots have been mailed, and July 6th we announced the results. Quaker Heights contract has been ratified.

Century Link: The contract is at the printers, there waiting on the pension bands before they can print them.

Dayton Daily News: Larry Edwards retired at the end of May. Congratulations Larry.

Yellow Pages: We heard from our Stewards this week, we’re having commission issues again. They’re stating that YP has changed the commission structure. Per the contract YP would have to notify the Union, which they have not, we are investigating.

Avaya: Cancelled their surplus, when it was announced there were many complaints from customers. This saved 55 jobs in Colorado.

AT&T :

  • · I&M scheduling has improved, not as many B tours, and fewer Saturdays.
  • · As a result of the storms, there are a few problems with O.T. and how the company is asking members to work O.T.
  • · The company is buying new trucks, we’ve seen one, they’re very nice
  • · Both Dayton & Columbus were affected in engineering, the company wanted to force our members out of town. We contacted District 4, our Staff Rep was able to put it on hold for now.
  • · U-verse Prem-Techs hire 7 new people
  • · Non C.O. techs, please don’t do C.O. work, if you do please report the order # and ticket # to Chief Steward Darryl Williams. Local 4322 has been trying to provide and prove to AT&T we NEED more C.O.techs.

CTS: Added a new title, Fiber Splicer Apprentice, they contacted our Local to add a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU). For more information please contact the Local regarding job duties and rate of pay.

City of Beavercreek: Held an open forum meeting to eliminate Levy’s and have a City Tax.

City of Riverside: None

City of Monroe: None

Global Services: None

Champaign Tel. Co.: None