by Erin Walling

11/3/2017 3:22:44 PM
Secretary Treasurer Report
Brothers and Sisters - Please notify me by e-mail at, or call 937 256-4322, the Union Hall if you change your home address. The Companies you work for will not notify the Union Hall when you move. Also, download your Local`s APP at CWA Local 4322, you can view....Union contract covering your job, local events, and more. If you add the PUSH NOTIFICATION you`ll get breaking news, and up to the minute information. Plus, Like us on Facebook, at CWA Local 4322, for the latest happenings, like events we`ve planned, news at your Local, your CWA 5 State District, and CWA National level too. If you have any questions or concerns don`t hesitate to notify me. In Solidarity, Erin Walling- Secretary/Treasurer